Red Scarlet X 5K production camera package
       Red Scarlet X Brain
       Red DSMC TI PL mount
       Red DSMC Canon mount
       Red DSMC 1.8" SSD side module
       Red DSMC side handle
       Red Redmote
       Redtouch 4.7” LCD
       Red Station Redmag 1.8”
       Redmag 1.8” SSD (x4)
       Redmag case
       Redvolt DSMC travel charger
       Redvolt battery (x3)
       Red Outrigger Handle
       Red Arm
       Red EVF cable
       Red Station FW800 cable
       Red DSMC power adapter
       Pelican 1560 hard case
       Pelican 1560 padded dividers

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K camera package including:
       Blackmagic Production Camera 4K EF body
       Sandisk Extreme Pro 240gb SSDs (x4)
       Chroziel color-coded camera cage
       Ikan universal v-mount power station
       Libec LANC Remote Zoom / Focus
       Manfrotto coiled LANC cable (x2)
       LANC cable splitter
       1/4" TRS Balanced Male to XLR Female (x2)
       Switronix Powerbase 70 v-mount battery
       Switronix Powerbase 70 regulator block
       Switronix Core SWX v-mount batteries (x2)
       D-Tap to Blackmagic power cable
       Dual fast-charger for v-mount batteries
       Blackmagic AC power supply
       Blackmagic Design sunshade
       Atomos S2H SDI to HDMI adapter
       12" SDI cable
       6" SDI cable
       Zacuto Z-Finder Pro
       Zacuto Z-Finder 16 x 9 Sun Mask
       Zacuto Z-Finder Dust Cover (x2)
       Zacuto Anti-Fog Protective Cover
       Zacuto Z-Finder Extender Frames (set)
       Zacuto Z-Bands for the Z-Finder (pair)
       Zacuto Z-EVF-1S EVF
       Blue Star Oval Chamois Eye Cushion
       12" HDMI cable
       Rotolight 6" magic arm
       Canon LP-E6 batteries (x4)
       Dual fast-charger for LP-E6 batteries



Universal cinema-class support package including:
       Secced Reach 6 Tripod (60lb rating)
       Ikan ELE-15R24 15mm Rods-24 inch (set of 2)
       Birds & Sawyer universal mini rod riser plate
       Tilta universal adjustable handgrips
       Redrock Micro Deluxe MicroMatteBox
       Lanparte Follow Focus V2 w/ hard stops
       Opteka 16” whip speed crank
       PortaBrace SP-3G Universal Shoulder Pad
       Cavision 15mm aluminum rods - 18 inch
       Cavision 15mm aluminum rods - 12 inch
       Opteka CBW-1 Counterbalance Weight
       Letus lens support bracket
       Letus double sliding 15mm rod block
       Redrock Micro microlink riser
       Lanparte Bridge Plate
       Manfrotto 577 Rapid connect adapter

Konova K7 slider/jib/motion-control/time-lapse package including:
       Konova K7 heavy-duty 4 ft. slider (up to 65lbs)
       Konova Sliderjib 8 ft. jib kit for the K7 slider
       Konova Smarthead Programmable Pan & Tilt Head M1
       Konova Smart Pan & Tilt controller
       Konova 1:721 geared motor kit
       Konova 1:51 geared motor kit
       Konova crank handle for the K7 slider
       Varavon counterweight slider pulley system
       Secced Reach 6 Tripod (60-125lb rating)
       Bogen Manfrotto 344 tripod w/ 501 pro fluid head
       Manfrotto 501 fluid head
       Manfrotto 100mm ball adapter
       Manfrotto 100mm half ball lever

Indy Jib 12 foot remote head crane package
       12’ Indy Jib
       Proaim™ Sr. remote pan and tilt head
       Lilliput 5d-ii/o/p 7" HDMI monitor w/ sunhood
       Sony NPQM70 batteries (x2)
       Sony SQ950 charger
       Aurum Ultra Series High-Speed 50’ HDMI cable
       Impact 10lb sandbag (x10)
       70 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set
       Proam crane carrying bag
       Condition 1 watertight hard case

Steadicam Merlin & vest kit (6 lb. capacity)
       Steadicam Merlin 2
       Opteka SV-AX5 Stabilizer Operator Vest
       Steadicam docking bracket
       Steadicam Merlin travel case
       Linco 7’6” air-cushioned light stand
       VidPro 35” tripod carrying case

Snorricam small-body camera kit (8 lb. capacity)
       Ultra-light Snorricam harness system
       Opteka magnesium ball head


Monopod / Tripod kits
       Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod and Head (18lb rating)
       Bogen Manfrotto 501HD pro fluid head tripod and ground spreader (18lb rating)
       Secced Reach 6 Tripod (60lb rating)

Car mounting kits
       Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Triple Mount (12lb rating)
       Digital Juice LowRider Camera Support (30lb rating)
       Digital Juice LowRider Mounting Kit


Yuneec Typhoon 4K quadcopter with 120fps slow-mo and following function
       Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K quadcopter
       Yuneec CGO3 4K 3-axis gimbal camera
       Yuneec CGO Steady Grip handheld stabilizer
       Yuneec ST10+ Ground Station
       Yuneec Typhoon four propeller sets (x3)
       Yuneec Typhoon 7100 mAh LiPo Batteries (x3)
       Yuneec 3.5 A DC Balancing Smart Charger
       Yuneec AC Adapter for Q500 Charger
       Yuneec LCD Sun Shade for ST10
       Pelican 1610 waterproof hard case with dividers

YUNEEC Typhoon Steadigrip Handheld Gimbal kit
       Yuneec CGO3 4K 3-axis gimbal camera
       Yuneec CGO Steady Grip handheld stabilizer
       iPhone 5s 16GB
       Panasonic eneloop pro 2550 mAh AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries (x8)


Ikan PD-1 High Torque wireless follow focus including:
       Ikan PD Movie PD1 transmitter
       Ikan PD Movie PD1 receiver
       Ikan PD Movie high torque motor
       Ikan PD Movie short antenna
       Ikan PD Movie strap
       Ikan PD Movie motor extension cable
       Ikan PD Movie motor cable
       Ikan PD Movie USB charging cable
       Ikan PD Movie USB power adapter
       Ikan PD Movie D-Tap to 4-pin Lemo cable
       Ikan PD Movie main drive gear
       Ikan PD Movie 15mm to 19mm step-down ring
       Ikan PD Movie antenna
       Ikan PD Movie glow-in-the-dark marking disc
       Sony BP-L40 v-mount battery
       Ikan universal v-mount power station
       Anker 6700 mah USB batteries
       Arkon camera strap mount
       USB AC power supply
       3’ USB to Micro USB cable
       Condition 1 #179 hard case
       Trekpak insert for Pelican 1200 case
       Pelican 1150 waterproof hard case


Kata KT-VA-801-15 rain cover
Kata CRC-17 rain cover



Nikon cine-mod prime lens kit (EF mount, geared, de-clicked, 77mm filter rings)
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 16mm / f3.5
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 20mm / f2.8
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 28mm / f2
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 35mm / f1.4
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 55mm / f1.2
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 85mm / f1.8
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 105mm / f1.8
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 105mm micro / f1.8
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 135mm / f2.8
       Nikon Nikkor AI-S 180mm / f2.8
       Pelican 1510 hard case with Trekpak divider system

Vintage Zeiss cine-mod prime lens kit (EF mount, declicked, 77mm filter rings)
       Zeiss Jena 20mm / f4
       Zeiss Jena 35mm / f2.8
       Zeiss Jena 50mm / f2
       Zeiss Jena 80mm / f2.8
       Zeiss Jena 180mm / f2.8
       Pelican 1520 waterproof hard case


Indie zoom lens kit - 11mm - 100mm (EF mount)
       Tokina AT-X 116 Pro DX II 11-16mm / f2.8
       Sigma DC HSM Art 18-35mm / f1.8
       Sigma DC HSM Art 50-100mm / f1.8
       Zeiss lens wipes
       Condition 1 watertight hard case


Panasonic AG-7200 anamorphic lens adapter kit including:
       Panasonic AG-7200 anamorphic lens
       Cinetactics Matteblox Anamorphic collapsible matte box kit
       72mm-77mm step-up lens adapter
       Plano 1404 Protector Series hard case


77mm ND & FX filter kit including:
       Tiffen 77mm .3 ND filter
       Tiffen 77mm .6 ND filter
       Tiffen 77mm .9 ND filter
       Tiffen 77mm 1.2 ND filter
       Tiffen 77mm .6 graduated ND filter
       Tiffen 77mm SoftFX 1 filter
       Tiffen 77mm SoftFX 2 filter
       Hoya 77mm Star 8 filter
       Tiffen screw-on filter cases (3)
       Fotodiox 52mm-77mm filter adapter
       Fotodiox 58mm-77mm filter adapter
       Fotodiox 62mm-77mm filter adapter
       Fotodiox 72mm-77mm filter adapter
       Fotodiox small filter wrench
       Fotodiox large filter wrench
       Canon lens care kit
       Zeiss disposable lens wipes


16MM Camera Packages

Canon Scoopic 16mm camera package including:
       Canon Scoopic 16MS camera body
       Canon Scoopic 400’ magazine adapter
       Cinema Products CP16 PLC-4A 400’ magazines (x3)
       Mitchell 400’ 16mm film magazines (x2)
       Canon Scoopic Wide-Angle/Macro x0.75 lens adapter
       Tiffen 72mm +1, +2, +4 close-up lens set
       Canon 72mm UV filter
       Canon Scoopic MS BTL gel filter holders (x8)
       Lowepro Santiago 30 camera case
       CP16 400’ magazine take-up belt
       Canon Scoopic MS 12V 2000mah (re-celled) battery packs (x4)
       Canon S-12 12V Scoopic dual battery charger
       NRG Campak Pro 12V external power pack
       6' 4-pin male to female XLR power cable
       NRG Campak power pack charger
       Paterson large changing bag
       Kodak 16mm 400’ film cans
       Large selection Kodak Wratten gel correction filters (list available upon request)

Super 8 Camera Packages

Canon 814XL Camera kit
       Canon 814XL
       Tiffen 52mm clear lens filter
       Tiffen 52mm filter kit w/ ND .6, .9, 1.2, YLW 12
       Hoya 52mm filter kit w/ UV, rotating polarizer, star 8, warm
       Tiffen 52mm close up kit w/ +1, +2, +4
       52-77mm step-up ring
       52mm lens hood



7" wireless video assist package including:
       SmallHD AC7 7” HDMI LCD monitor
       Alzo Transformer monitor cage
       Nyrius Aries Pro wireless video kit
       Camera Motion Research CamLink Backbone Set
       Manfrotto 3372 compact stand
       SmallHD AC7 LCD sunshade
       SmallHD AC7 screen protector
       Smallhd AC7 Canon LP-E6 battery plate
       SmallHD AC7 AC power supply
       Dual fast-charger for LP-E6 batteries
       Canon LP-E6 batteries (x4)
       Opteka magnesium ball head
       Nyrius Aries Pro AC power supply
       2” Nyrius Aries Pro USB power supply
       Nyrius Aries Pro DC inverter
       Smallrig Quick Release 15mm Rod Clamp
       Anker Astro 6700mah USB batteries (x2)
       Anker PowerCore 10000mah USB batteries (x2)
       USB DC Inverter
       USB AC power supply
       12" USB to Micro USB cable
       2" USB to Mini USB cable
       9” HDMI to Micro HDMI cable
       6" HDMI to HDMI cable
       Pelican 1510 hard case with Think Tank padded divider

Wireless audio monitoring kit including:
       Wi Audiolink Wi-ALP55 portable wireless audio system
       Anker 6700 mah USB batteries (x2)
       Panasonic RP-HT21 Lightweight Headphones with XBS


Ultra-portable telemprompter kit including:
       One Take Only Pad Prompter portable 12" teleprompter
       iPad 3 64GB WiFi
       Listec PromptWare PW-04 lens moutable 4" teleprompter
       iPhone 5s 16GB
       PBL 7’6” air-cushioned light stand
       Condition 1 801 waterproof hard case



8-Point battery-powered LED lighting kit including:
       Studiolight 700 bi-color dimmable LED lights with v-mount adapters (x2)
       Fotodiox 312 LED bi-color dimmable lights (x2)
       Alzo 790L 160 LED daylight dimmable lights (x2)
       Alzo 790L daylight LED filter kits (x2)
       Opteka SolarFlare bi-color dimmable LED lighting wands (x2)
       Opteka SolarFlare LED power supplies (x2)
       Giottos mini ball heads (x2)
       Canon Flash Shoe Holders Type B (x2)
       PBL 7’6” air-cushioned light stands (x6)
       Sony NP550 batteries (x4)
       Sony NP550 dual battery charger
       Sony NPQM71D batteries (x2)
       Sony SQ950 dual battery charger
       Sony BP-L40 v-mount batteries (x2)
       Sony BC-L50 v-mount battery charger
       Pelican 1650 hard case w/ padded dividers


Continuous/Green Screen lighting package including:
       Linco Flora 4500w Hexogen Fluorescent Light Bank (x3)
       Linco Morning Glory 85-125w zoomable fluorescent light (x3)
       Linco 8' Senior Compact Heavy-Duty air-cushioned lights stands (x3)
       Linco 8' heavy duty boom arm w/ 30lb max counterweight bag
       LimoStudio 50W 5500K CFL Daylight balanced Light Bulbs (x16)
       ALZO 85W 5600K CFL Video-Lux Daylight Balanced Light Bulbs (x4)
       LimoStudio 105W 5500K CFL Daylight Balanced Light Bulbs (x2)
       LimoStudio 125W 5500K CFL Daylight Balanced Light Bulbs (x2)
       Impact Black 20lb Saddle Sandbags (x12)

Indie spacelight soft lighting kit including:
       40-inch white nylon chinese lanterns (x2)
       18-inch white nylon chinese lanterns (x2)
       LimoStudio 125W 5500K CFL Daylight Balanced Light Bulbs (x2)
       ALZO 85W 5600K CFL Video-Lux Daylight Balanced Light Bulbs (x2)
       LimoStudio 50W 5500K CFL Daylight balanced Light Bulbs (x4)
       Crawford-Lehigh 100-Foot Diamond Braid Poly Climbing Rope (x2)
       Outmate 68kg rated Aluminum D-ring Locking Carabiners (x6)
       Impact Heavy Duty 13 foot Black Light Stand


Complete portable 8' X 12' green screen kit including:
       Impact 10x12 green screen
       Impact 12’ backdrop support system
       Linco 8' Heavy-Duty air-cushioned lights stands (x2)
       Impact Black 20lb Saddle Sandbags (x4)


Collapsible reflector kit including:
       Lastolite 48" Circular 5-in-1 Bottletop Collapsible Reflector
       Lastolite 48" Circular Collapsible Reflector - Silver/White
       Lastolite 48" Circular Collapsible Reflector - Sunfire/White
       Linco Zenith 77" Light Weight Light Stands (2)
       Fotodiox 22-60" telescoping reflector arms (x2)



       Sound Devices MixPre compact field mixer
       Tascam DR-70 4-channel digital recorder
       Tascam RC-10 Wired Remote Control
       Remote Audio Angled XLR Cable (12")
       Pearstone 1.5’ XLR M to XLR F Pro Cable
       Sachtler SN607 production mixer bag

Dialogue Recording microphones
       Sennheiser ME67 shotgun mic
       Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic
       Sennheiser K6 shotgun power supply
       Rode Blimp windshield and support system
       Rode Dead Wombat windshield
       Rode Dead Wombat windshield brush
       Rode long shotgun extension kit
       Rode SVM Bands - Set of Eight
       K-Tek Avalon KE-110CC 5-section boom pole
       Mogami Gold 50’ XLR cable
       Mogami 2534 25' XLR cable
       Videopro 35" carrying case
       Rode VideoMic Pro on-camera shotgun mic
       Azden SMH-1 microphone shock mount
       Rode PG1 Pistol Grip
       Auray WSF-2018 foam windscreen
       Auray WSR-2018 stuffed rabbit windscreen

Atmos/Enviromental Recording
       Shure VP88 stereo condenser mic
       Gitzo G556 3-section boom pole
       Gitzo Assembly Screw and Nut for Boom Poles
       Rode boompole clips
       Cavision boompole single tube 35.4" carry bag
       WindTech SP-25 Microphone Shock Mount

Wireless lavalier microphones (x2)
       Sennheiser Evolution EW-100 G2 bodypack transmitter (x2)
       Sennheiser Evolution EW-100 G2 bodypack receiver (x2)
       Sennheiser CL-100 1/8” to XLR-Male Cable (x2)
       Sennheiser ME 2 Lavalier Microphone (x2)
       Sennheiser CL1 Mini-M to Mini-M Cable (x2)
       Rode SmartLav lavalier condenser microphone

       Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones

       Lowepro pixelpack memory case
       64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro class 10 SD cards (x2)

Waterproof hard cases
       Pelican 1085 case
       Pelican 1200 case
       Pelican 1610 w/ padded dividers


Thunderbolt-based professional recording package including:
       Universal Audio Apollo Twin SOLO Desktop Interface with Realtime UAD Processing
       Shure KSM27 studio condenser mic
       Auray metal gooseneck pop filter
       Auray RF-CPB-18 Reflection Filter
       K&M floor microphone stand w/ boom arm
       Auray desktop microphone stand
       36” Mogami GOLD XLR cable
       18” Thunderbolt cable

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